Meet The Team

Dom Mastromatteo

Has been trading stocks since 2016. He loved the idea of trading from the first time he ever heard you could do it full-time. After he graduated college with a degree in Finance,

He knew the traditional 9-5 was not going to be for him. He wanted financial freedom and the ability to get paid for the value of his work, not the amount of time he was working. Trading was the only option he could think of that made it a reality. He spent 10 months studying and losing before he became consistently profitable.

He is a long biased trader who started out in the OTC market primarily and has adapted his strategies to listed stocks over the years. He is the king of keeping it simple. That’s why he so many successful students and friends. What he teachs isn’t complicated and can be mastered and reengineered to fit the individual at hand.

His goal is for aspiring traders to learn from his mistakes and experiences, so that they can shorten their learning curve and reach their goals as quickly as possible.

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turned $25,000 into $1.3 million in less than 7 years trading penny stocks using statistical pattern day trading and risk management strategies.

Michael got his start by joining the Tim Sykes challenge and connecting with other successful traders to share ideas and develop a consistent approach toward stock trading. After consistent profitability, Michael became one of the cofounders of Clover Trading to connect with other stock traders and provide a place for discussion and education about their favorite subject: Stock Trading!

Michael has spoken to hundreds of stock traders at conferences across the country, inspiring others to follow their dreams and live a life of financial literacy and freedom.

Now with millions of dollars made through trading, Michael now travels around the world as a stock trader sharing his expertise in stock market statistics, stock trading psychology and stock trading risk management. 

Michael continues to help stock traders develop their skills to realize consistent profitability.

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Jack Kellogg

has been day trading for 6 years and has accumulated 10,000,000+ in verified trading profits. He grew up in a small town in Connecticut. He was a C and D student throughout middle school/ high school.

He wasn’t in a position to get himself into college debt. He tried a few jobs that didn’t workout, and that included his valet job that he had since he was 16 years old, which gave him enough money to open up his first brokerage account. He started his trading journey in the Tim Sykes challenge and developed a vast network of trading friends including the other 4 clovers. He also met his girlfriend Mari who he watched become a millionaire trader. His trading style revolves around adaptability.

 According to him, he has made 52% of his money going long and 48% of my money going short. He has traded OTC stocks from under a penny, some small caps have been some of his biggest trades and has also traded overall market indexes, this all showing his versatility as a trader. 

He has been teaching for the last couple of years and really has found a passion in helping people and watching them evolve into as they grow. He constantly pushs you to work harder and do better and never let you feel satisfied. Trading is changing everyday and there is always something new to learn so signup to be a clover and look no further.

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Kyle Williams

found himself a sophomore in college not sure what to do with the rest of his life. He came across penny/small cap stocks online and immediately jumped into trading.

After losing 70% of his $6,000 trading account over the first year he finally found his main edge in shorting stocks. He refunded his account and got to work. Over the next 6 years he has turned that money into over $3.6 million in trading profits. Along with his passion for trading, Kyle has grown a passion for teaching in helping beginning traders get started.

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